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  It all starts here:
By joining kurt's membership community today, you get access to his master replay vault, his legacy documents, and his private members only conference calls.

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Your Membership Includes:

membership master replay vault


       Includes well over 200 hours of kurt's best conversations

  • kurt's .XYZ-1 FREE Teleconference Series
      01.) i am kurtis
      02.) The Principle of the Thing
      03.) My Father's Watch
      04.) Are You a Sojourner?
      05.) By Your Deeds Ye Shall Be Known
      06.) Are You Living From the Heart?
      07.) Next Stop Kooksville
      08.) The Tithes That Bind
      09.) It's Now or Never
      10.) The Real Me
      11.) the North -vs- the South
      12.) An Issue of Faith
      13.) The Bomb Factory
      14.) Peaceful -vs- Peaceable
      15.) Taking The Mystery Tour
      16.) The Offer You Couldn't Refuse 1
      17.) The Offer You Couldn't Refuse 2
      18.) The Offer You Couldn't Refuse 3
      19.) The Unforgiven
      20.) America: Land of the Illegitimate Child
      21.) Heads or Tails: It's Your Call
      22.) From The Ashes We Can Build Another Day
      23.) You, Not They, Create The C'est Que Vie
      24.) One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure 1
      25.) One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure 2
      26.) One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure 3
      27.) A Nation Buried Alive In Potter's Field
      28.) The Scapegoat
      29.) A House Divided
      30.) The Gift That Keeps On Giving
      31.) The Family Plot
      32.) Are You A Loose Canon?
      33.) Admit One
      34.) Has Your Ship Come In?
      35.) A Very Mary X-Mass
      36.) Do You Know Whose Flag You're Flying?
      37.) Friend or Foe > kurt's Exit Call

  • kurt's Shipwrecked Series
      4 Training Calls on Admiralty and Salvors
           - approximately 2 hours each
      1 Q & A Call
           - approximately 2 hours

  • kurt's .XYZ-2 FREE Teleconference Series
      01.) What's On My Mind?
           - approximately 2 hours each

  • kurt's .XYZ-1 After Hours Calls
      6 Audience Conversations
           - approximately 2 hours

  • Kooksville Calls and Docs
      15 Study Group Calls
           - approximately 1 to 2 hours each

  • Kooksville After Hours Calls
      7 Attendee Conversations
           - approximately 1 hour each

  • kurt's Guest Appearances Series
      27  Of kurt's favorite replays
           - approximately 1 to 4 hours each

  • The joseph Conversations
      99 private, rich-content conversations.
          - approx. 15 minutes to 2 hours each

  • kurt's Miscellaneous Calls
      15 Bonus Conversations
           - approximately 1 to 4 hours each

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Also Includes:

video series

  14 videos approx 90 minutes each teaching kurt's core foundational principles, including the waiver inter-vivos testament, excise tax for entry in to the Republic, and much much more.

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Also Includes:

legacy documents

  All of kurt's infamous documents are available in one easy spot for downloading.

Remember that all material here is demonstrating what kurt did for himself. You are responsible to discern what to do for yourself.

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Also Includes:

legacy documents

  4 two hour calls for 6 weeks. kurt's intensive training course including all of his favorite pdfs.

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Also Includes:

legacy documents

  The whiteboard video series is a compilation of teaching videos; teaching foundational principles in just a few minutes.

Each video is made using excerpts from kurt's .xyz-1 Tuesday night conference calls, and other guest appearances.

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membership info



I understand that my membership is a Donation Agreement which requires a 3 month donation to begin.

After the first 3 months I will either cancel my donations, OR, I will not cancel. If I do not cancel, and allow my donation agreement to continue, PayPal will automatically charge me $25 per month thereafter until I do cancel.

I must cancel to stop donating.

I can cancel at any time in my paypal account, or I can email support at any time and request that they provide the cancellation for you.

email .xyz support:

Should I choose to cancel my donations, my access will continue until the end of the last month I have donated to.

Today's donation is $75.00 USD

  • $25 per month
  • x 3 month minimum to begin.
  • = $75 donation today


After your payment processes, you will be returned to a page that will show you your username and password.

You will be able to use your login credentials to access the membership area immediately. If you would like your password changed to something you prefer simply email support.

Please let us know if you are having any trouble.

email .xyz support:

By donating, you also agree to all of the following:

1.)    I have listened to "i am kurtis" on the home page.

2.)    I understand that legally this information is for         entertainment purposes only, and that kurtis makes no
        claim to the contrary.

3.)    I understand that at all times the materials on this website
        are the private property of kurtis kallenbach, and that by         donating I am authorized to listen to them and to watch         them; but I am not authorized to download, distribute or         otherwise share them.

4.)    I understand that my donation is non-refundable.

Yes, I am ready:

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